Know The Enemy

Conservatism is the enemy of the good as well as the enemy of a good society and good government. It does not care for what is right for the simple reason that it has no respect for facts, truth or the scientific method. Conservatives are not your friend. They care more about self aggrandizement and power than what can be done for the common good. If an idea or policy can bring more brotherhood, equality, and freedom to people, or provide for a better environment and living conditions, they are against it and will say anything and do anything and stop at nothing to derail and stop it, and will often cite either rediculous or religious reasons (many times it is both one and the same) for why a good or better idea or policy can not or must not be done. This also is what makes them so evil.

Conservatism is at war. Conservatives have been conducting a cultural war against the Left and Progressives and a better society for decades. It is time to turn that cultural war into a hot war of defense for ourselves and protection of both the present and future. The survival of humanity is at stake.

We must study the enemy and become familiar with all their subsets, groups, individuals and methods. We must know what they are, who they are, and what their methods are in order to not only fight them but more importantly, to neutralize and destroy them. We must harden ourselves and take a no-nonsense gritty, and to be frank, cold-hearted attitude against them. This is necessary to both protect and secure the future of our nation and our planet for future generations. For that reason alone, the Conservative must be shown absolutely no mercy.

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