The Response

So now you are aware of one of the greatest threats in modern times to the continuance of human civilization. What now? There must be a response, but of what kind? Do we continue to ignore it? That would be foolish indeed. One should not ignore a pestilence or a cancerous growth within one's body. That would only lead to the death of the organism, and as we all should know, death is personal extinction on an individual level, but on a massive level, an extinction of an entire species. It is not safe at all to allow a disease to continue or a cancer to grow. To save the organism, one must cut the disease which sickens it out. The infliction must be destroyed if the organism is to have any iota of a chance to survive and continue to live.

Conservatism, if allowed to continue, will cause the extinction of humanity by festering in every national and international body politic as well as continue unabated the pollution and disruption of what should be a healthy global environment. The only proper response to Conservatism and its many varieties and avatars, is confrontation and total war, a war of genocide. A war which must be fought and a war which must be won. Our survival is at stake. The future of our species and the planet we live on depends upon us winning.

Organize, Be Armed, Defend

The time has come to prepare for a civil war and act to defend ourselves, defend our children and the future of humanity as well as the future of planet Earth. That means this proposal: the formation and organization of an anti conservative movement.

Let the War Come

There is an odor in the air. Slowly it awakens
those asleep into awareness. A danger has
arisen, though few know what it truly is.
Can you not see that our present peace is
but an illusion?

War has been declared, though it seems all are unaware.
Many are blind to it, but there are a few now awake.
Awake now you slumbering masses, the danger is upon us.

Let the war come.

There are those among us, who hate us and revile us.
They claim that it is they who are oppressed,
when it is they who wish to oppress us.
They will not claim kinship with us, they look upon us
as if we were a disease. Try to compromise with them
and away they do turn, offer a friendly hand and they
ask if we know Jesus.

Convert us or kill us, is what
they secretly seek. This threat is all around us, ever
present, ever stealthy. Our world is in danger, yet most
of us still sleep.

Let the war come.

Awake now! Awake now! A few that do shout.
But few have heard the warning, the rest slumber on.
They have declared us not fit to occupy the same breath.
Most do not hear, they look down and just frown.

Let the war come.

Slowly, slowly, more are now awake.
Those that have are startled to a great fright.

How can this be? How long have we been asleep?
Now fully aware, there can be no other choice.

We must prepare, the clouds of war are almost upon us.
Why should we allow these Dominionist vermin to displace us and
murder our freedom?

Let the war come.

Do not be comlacent. Do not ignore.
Worship our god the Dominionists implore. Either you bow or you will be gored.

Awake! Awake now my fellow secularists!
To arms, to arms!

Let the war come.