Conservatism's Attitude

The attitude of Conservatives is one of superiority, self-importance, self aggrandizement, and a heartless callousness towards those who are poor and not like themselves. Therefore they prioritize the attainment of wealth for themselves and the individuals and corporations that fund Conservative businesses and causes. Their economic policies are geared toward the acquisition of more and more capital, therefore they care more for the wealthy and little to none for the health and welfare of the middle and lower classes. Their opinions and influence are the only ones that matter, therefore they ignore those who are not exactly like them. Their politics are informed by bigotry and racism, with a highly inflamed sense of patriotism, nationalism, and jingoism, all of which is linked together, either in whole or in part, by extremist religion. All that they do is for the attainment and retention of power and control of government and society for the enrichment of themselves, and to hell with everybody else.

Furthermore, Conservatives are not interested in compromise. They are a stiff-necked and mule-headed people who are more interested in having everything their way as if they were selfish little children. This is why they are often described or referred to as whiny little crybabies. A Conservative views him/herself as being always right and everyone else as being wrong, especially if arguing with liberals and Progressives. This leads them to be very dismissive of those whom they oppose. Do not ever argue with a Conservative, because you will never ever win their heart or change their minds, for they are incapable of entertaining other views. It is best not to break bread with them, for they are untrustworthy and will stab you in the back. Therefore you do not do battle with a Conservative to win an argument or to gain their friendship, for remember, a Conservative is never ever your friend. When engaging with a Conservative, you literally fight him to the death. Therefore one must go for their jugular, and be the only one of the two of you to remain standing.

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