Proposal: Time to Build the Anti Conservative Movement

Ladies and gentlemen. We must now ask ourselves crucial questions. Why should we tolerate an ideology which promotes a political system that adversely effects the citizenry of our nation? How long must we put up with the machinations of the Right? Ask yourselves these questions. Why am I constantly confronted with the harmful effects of conservatives? How many times do we have to fight the same fights over and over with each passing decade, each generation? Isn't enough, enough?

Yes! Enough is enough. It is enough because the time has come to fight one final fight, one final war: the war to end Conservatism once and for all. It is a battle to not only restore sanity to our political system, but to finally have a society in which government is not the enemy but a government which works for everyone and respects the rights and freedoms of all its' citizenry.

No, government is not the enemy. Rabid Right Wing Conservatism is.

People who are targets of the vitriol and total disrespect of Conservatives must band together and fight them, for they are not just political opponents, no, the Conservatives are much more than that. They are our enemy. Their intentions against us as individuals and groups are genocidal. We cannot let them gain more power, we cannot and must not allow them any further attainment of power. Once they gain total control, it is game over for all of us.

There can be no peace or coexistance with a group of people who wish you harm and wish that you do not exist. This particular threat by Conservatism is real. Make no mistake, they will exterminate you without any remorse. That is their plan. We either do it to them, or they will do it to us.

The only proper response to Conservatism, Dominionism, and the Republican Party is confrontation. We have no choice. They started the culture war. Now we must finish it by engaging in a complete and total war for our survival as a free and democratic nation and a world in which to live peacefully in once the war is over. We must be very serious and mean business to fight this hot war and we must win it. This war in which we will engage in will not be over until the last Conservative is in his or her grave. We must be in this war to win it. There is no other option.

Yes, this may sound shocking and ironic. But that does not really matter. What matters is that we live in a society of freedom, justice, and equal opportunity, to play by fair rules, without having the deck stacked against you. Conservatism grants none of those, and never will.

Those of use who are fed up with Conservatism and the Republican Party must band together and join forces. Thus this proposal: the formation of an anti conservative movement.

If you, having read everything within these pages, and having complete understanding regarding the Conservative threat, and wish to engage yourself in the formation and activation of an anti-conservative movement, then please e-mail a short introduction of yourself and a short description of how Conservatism adversely affected you and/or a loved one at the below address, and further information will be mailed to you.