The Covid-19 Pandemic: Conservatives Just Don't Give A Damn

From the very beginning of the corona virus' arrival on American shores, the response of the Trump Regime and its Conservative minions was one of callous denial and mishandling. This underscores the fact that as far as the Conservatives are concerned in regards to public health (as was proven in their handling of the Affordable Care Act, which they were against and tried to kill time and time again), it does not really matter if people die so long as the engine of the economy keeps driving on. They failed to understand that a healthy work force is what keeps things going, what drives the economy. The simple fact of the matter is if you do not have enough healthy people that can work, the economy will sputter and eventually fail. But that does not matter to Conservatives. The demonstrations and protests to relax health guidelines and contagion containment rules to open up states was a calculated effort by Right Wing pundits and activists. They were shameless in targeting governors in blue states and jeapordizing the lives of the wider public. The Conservatives just don't give a damn about public health.