Conservatism, Thy Name is Treason

Conservatives may talk a good game of being patriots, but everything they do is in reality against democracy and undermines democratic institutions and the United States Constitution. As they wrap themselves in the American flag and carry a cross, they are at their core fascists and care nothing at all for individual liberties and freedoms. At the heart of their political machinations is the murder of democracy and the establishment of a fascist Christian state, and their grander intent as Seven Mountains Dominionists is to export their Dominionist dream of a global Christian empire. According to them, Christ will not return until after they have Christianized the world and established theocracies in every nation. In America, the penalty for betraying your country is death, five years imprisonment, and a fine of no less than $10,000 plus inelligibility to hold any public office. The death penalty for the treason of the Conservatives must be insisted upon.

Conservatives think that their values should be everyone’s values and their religion should be everyone’s religion. Since Conservatives think that they are so right in everything they are not interested in compromise, and they are not interested in sharing the planet in peace. Conservatives are a stiff-necked people that can not be reasoned with. They are anti-science, racists, bigoted against gays and atheists, and are against critical thinking. They are a stumbling block to Progressive policies which will help all Americans. Thus Conservatives cannot be viewed as real Americans. They are traitors: traitors to the true American value of liberty for all, and traitors to a bright American future.

Trump the Traitor Graham the Traitor McConnell the Traitor Nunes the Traitor Ban Republians