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Conservative Falsehoods

Conservatives have become adebt about lying about their intentions and lying about those who oppose them or the policies they favor and/or enact into law. As already stated, if it suits a Conservative's purpose to lie he or she will do so with unabashed fervor and verve. Duplicity is a Conservative's primary and secondary nature. One of the most insidious of their lies is to use language in a way which reverses names, labels and terms to mean exactly opposite or alternately from the original meaning. Take for example the word “liberal.” The classic meaning and understanding of the word is the ancient Latin root of liber: “book; free,” which is related to the concept of freedom and liberty. Liberal has historically meant that a person who was favorable to concepts of individual freedom, especially if it was guaranteed by law and secured by government protection or favorable to progress and reform in religious or political affairs. Conservatives reshaped the word by twisting it into a negative connotation, turning it into a “four-letter” word. In this present day, no Conservative can speak the word without the vilest tone of venom, and those sheeple who hear it cannot hear it without the false impression that turns their stomach. Conservatives do this to make the words “liberal” and “liberalism” sound dirty and negative to influence people to turn against what should be good for everyone: freedom, individual rights, social and economic justice. This penchant for twisting and corrupting is what makes Conservatism so evil. If they become totally successful in their goal (to gain total power and control over our society), we will all be living under tyranny.